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efore they were encouraged by the▓ local government

to grow sweet potatoes instead.The government organized training courses for the farmers to help standardize potato growing, conducted brand▓ing promotion activities and set up an onli

ne sales platf▓orm and a sweet potato research

institute that▓ is developing quality potato seedli

ngs."The eff▓orts have helped to increase the annual income per household to 100,000 yuan, jumping 33▓ times from a decade ago," said Yang Yingchun, a Shatu resident. He expects a harv

est worth ▓150,000 yuan from his 1-hectare swee

t pota▓to farm this year.Sweet potatoes have helped

reduce the number of impoverished households ▓to 36 in 2016 from 1,390 in 2007 in Qiaotou, which has 29,0▓00 residents.While in the central areas o▓f the island, where a number of nati

on▓al-level poverty-stricken counties ▓and cit

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